September Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day…

September blooms in my garden…GBBD


Japanese anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’



Pink Cane AngelWing Begonia, Caladium, Diamonds Frost euphorbia



Climbing ‘Iceburg’ rose, Blue plumbago, SunPatiens,Lantana


Beautiful ‘Climbing Iceburg’



‘Sweet Drift’ shrub rose



Gomphrena and blue salvia



The bumble bees just love my blue salvia…



‘Livin Easy’ Floribunda rose



‘Diamonds Frost’ euphorbia, Sedum ‘Angelina’



Hybrid Musk rose ‘Belinda’





‘Sweet Drift’ Rose petals..


Happy Bloom Day everyone!

Many thanks to May Dream Gardens for hosting Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

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