Month: September 2011

“Passionate Red” in my Garden




 Garden designers agree that red colored plants in the garden can greatly affect the senses of those who view them. When red is used sparingly it can be beautiful.




 Red Vinca’s embrace my front entrance blending well with my green and blue conifers.

  Red Roses hugging my Blue Atlas Cedar trees

There’s something about red flowers that draws a hummingbird’s attention, excites  a gardener’s green thumb, and makes me use my camera lens more often.

I planted my large olive jar containers with a splash of red this year.


Red in the garden often says something about the gardener too. She is vibrant, out-going, passionate and spirited.  Well, I was definitely that in my younger years. I am passionate about gardening, does that count?

About the gardener

I have been a southern gardener for 25 years and have learned so much from so many wonderful gardeners over the years. This journey of learning still continues today as I share my garden and hopefully inspire and help other gardeners. I am not a  landscape professional or master gardener  (does 25 years count?).  I just love all beautiful gardens; large and small, it makes no difference.







“Pretty In Pink”


For some reason this summer I seem to have alot of “pink” in my garden.




I guess unconsciously I had the need for some femininity in my garden since I am surrounded by three wonderful men in my life, my husband and two sons. Sometimes nature provides us with just the right color.


                                                              I call it “Pretty in Pink”.


“Graceland” Conifer Style





Elegant conifers gracing the stonebridge gives tranquillity to this area of my garden. I have been planting conifers in my Georgia garden for years now and enjoy their grace, color and heat tolerance. Some are more suitable for our hot/humid climate. My selection for my garden as illustrated in the photo are: Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, Monterey Cypress “Saligna Aurea”, Weeping Alaskan Cedar, Weeping Hemlock and the conifer staple, Thuja Green Giant. Also, embracing the bridge Lantana “Miss Huff’ and variegated Iris.