The Potting Bench Nook…in my Garden




Ahhh.. the potting bench, practically every gardener’s dream (at least mine) for their garden.  A place used for starting out young plants, storing our small garden tools, clay pots, soil and watering cans. Oh, and I forgot to mention an opportunity to unleash the ‘design diva’ in those of us who love to decorate!

I wanted my potting bench to be simple and functional, as well as, adding a bit of character to my garden. Mine is situated in ‘a sweet little spot’ between my garage and chimney wall under an overhang somewhat protected from the outside elements. The fact that’s its located in the coveted morning sun area of my garden allows me to garden in a wonderful shady spot during the hot afternoon. My garden spigot is located right next to my potting bench so watering and hosing down my dirty mess is super easy.

My Potting Bench- Dragonfly hooks that I recently purchased from Lowes hold some of my garden items: watering cans,small hand shovels,etc.


potting benchblog



I made this wreath earlier this year specifically for the wall above my potting bench using garden items I rarely used. I did have a faux bird nest & eggs but the crows attacked it this spring. Oh My!



When my potting bench isn’t in ‘work mode’ I sometimes decorate it with the change of seasons adding a focal point to that area of my garden…..


2011 10 09_2213_edited-1


2011 10 09_2214_edited-1


2011 12 15_3775_edited-1
Winter- Christmas


So do you have a ‘special nook’ in your garden?


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