” Orange Blossoms” in my garden


Lantana "Miss Huff' is a magnet for bee's and butterflies in my garden.


"Amber" Flower Carpet Rose with lantana.


Floribunda "VaVoom" (Weeks Rose) ,beautiful orange color. 3'-4' H


Orange area of my garden; Lantana "Miss Huff", Zinna "Zowie, and Floribunda "Vavoom".



Zinna "Zowie"


Lantana “Miss Huff” blooms from late spring until frost.  It’s color combination of orange, pink, and yellow blends well with my Amber flower carpet roses. “Miss Huff” is a hardy lantana in my Zone 7b garden surviving many of my winters. As you can see in the photo’s, it gets quite large reaching 3′-5′ easily. I love how it attracts the butterflies!




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