Painting my Garden with Beautiful Roses (Part III)…. My ‘Different Shades of White’ Roses

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My ‘Shades of White’Roses

 ( White, Near White, White edged with pink, Blush)


Climbing ‘Iceburg’ Floribunda Rose- Size: 8-10′ h. Zone: 5-10.

Climbing Iceburg

Climbing Iceburg produces beautiful semi-double white flowers all summer long in my garden. I’ve read that it’s considered to be the best white climber, however, Sombreuil also has my vote.  Iceburg’s flowers are fragrant with beautiful dark green foliage. The only fault is that the flowers are not very long lasting when cut.

A reliable climber in my garden and even performs well in a bit of shade.

Climbing Iceburg growing on my trellis in my garden



Beautiful ‘Sombreuil’ Climbing rose

‘Sombreuil’ Creamy White Climbing Tea Rose. Size: 8-12’h. Zone: 6-9. 

‘Sombreuil’ is an outstanding climber in my garden reaching about eight to ten feet . One of my all time favorite white roses due to its fragrance and elegant creamy white flowers. It’s flowers remind me of the ‘Alba Plena’ camellia with their formal flat double petals ever so slightly blushed with pink. It flowers profusely and sheds its soft faded petals beautifully. Sombreuil  adds an Old World charm to my garden. It’s believed by some, that it was named after the daughter of Comte de Sombreuil, who was governor of Les Invalides at the time of the French Revolution, and she saved her father from prison and possible death.

 These next few roses are different shades of white–they either start out white or eventually turn white as they mature….

Hybrid Tea ‘ Moonstone’

‘Moonstone’  – Soft cream finely edged in delicate pink Hybrid Tea rose. Size: 3-4’h x 3’w. Zone: 5-10.

Moonstone is an absolutely stunning hybrid tea rose blooming in my garden. It’s flowers open from large buds to lovely white petals finely edged with pink. The blooms are huge and exquisite. The flowers change colors as they age, becoming more creamy white.  Moonstone is a noted prize winning exhibition rose and also an excellent cut flower.

Hybrid Tea ‘Moonstone’

I have two planted in my garden; one in full sun, which is doing excellent (above photo), and the other is planted in part sun and has been prone to some black spot. This rose definitely prefers some sun and heat.

Climbing Noisette ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’

Madame Alfred Carrienear white Noisette Tea Climber. Size: 10-20’+ . Zone: 7-9.

This is one blooming machine in my garden… and that’s an understatement. Climbing Madame Alfred Carrie blooms almost all year round for me in my Zone 7b climate. At times I’ve had blossoms in January!

This climbing Noisette rose is very vigorous so make sure you have a tall and strong structure (or a house) for this rose to climb upon. I made the mistake of planting mine against a wrought iron railing about 9′ high and 20′ wide and it’s already outgrown that space, requiring the task of pruning on a regular basis to keep this climbing rose within it’s bounds .

Madame Alfred Carrie

 The blooms are a pale white tinted with a hint of blush and very fragrant. This climbing rose has a soft romantic appearance when in bloom. It’s undemanding, provided you plant it with plenty of room to grow, and it is quite disease resistant. ‘Madame Alfred Carrie’ has a long blooming season and is almost thornless (which helps in pruning) . I truly love this climbing rose and would never have a garden without it.

‘Marie Pavie’

‘Marie Pavie’ – white blend Polyantha Rose. Size: 15″-4’h x 2’w. Zone: 4-10.

‘Marie Pavie’ is one of the oldest Polyantha’s.  This jewel-of-rose is new to my garden and I’m already in love with it. It’s semi-double flowers open from small flesh pink buds before fading to white. The plant is vigorous, compact, thornless and good for the front of the border or container planting. Intensely fragrant, especially on humid evenings in my garden.

My new 2013 white rose additions are:

2 – ‘Moondance’– white blend Floribunda rose

‘Green Romantica’– white blend hybrid tea


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