Blooming now …..climbing rose ‘Don Juan’


In bloom right now in my garden is the lovely ‘Don Juan’ climber. I have several growing against the brick exterior of my home. Two are gracing the archways of my front entrance and the third is climbing up an exterior wall on the side of my home. All are just starting to show the beginnings of their spring flush. It’s taken three years of cane growth to get them to the point were I can espalier them against the house. Definitely worth the wait. I think this year ‘Don Juan’ will give me a dazzling show!


2013 04 19_8676 copy



Climbing rose    ~Don Juan~


Large flowered Climber


Growing Zones: USDA growing Zones 6b thru 9b

Mature Plant Height:  12 ft. to 14 ft.

Petal Count: 30-35 petals

Fragrance:  intense perfume

Bloom Time: Repeats, blooms in flushes throughout the season

Highlights: Sensational velvety crimson blossoms and dark green foliage. The flowers have a hybrid-tea form appearing both singly and in clusters. One of my absolute favorite red climbers for my Zone 7b garden.

2013 04 19_8677 copy

2013 04 19_8680 copy



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