Autumn Charmer- “Hillside Sheffield” Chrysanthemum


For a splendid splash of color in your autumn landscape you need to try Chrysanthemum ‘Hillside Sheffield’. On autumn days you’ll love the beautiful mounds of its single,daisy-like flowers in peachy apricot with a rich golden yellow center.

This Chrysanthemum graces my garden with blooms starting the 1st week of  October until frost in my Zone 7b garden. Typically grows 2-3′ tall with a slightly smaller spread. I pinch them in summer (June) to keep the the stems more compact. Does best in full sun , however, in my southern climate it appreciates some afternoon shade, in rich well drained soil.

Anyone who sees this mum flower in my fall garden loves it and immediately wants it in their landscape.  So go ahead, add some “autumn charm” to your fall garden.



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