An Early ‘SpRInG FeVeR’ in my garden…..


In the garden or in a lovely vase, nothing represents spring’s finery more than tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. Even though the contribution of spring bulbs is short lived, it is indeed spectacular when they are in full bloom in my garden. Having planted over 3,000 bulbs by myself I might add, check out my post ‘Oh, My Bulb Mania in my garden’, today I am enjoying the splendor and color of all my hard work!

Here are some photo highlights of my favorite spring bulb groupings in my garden…..


Blend of maroon and lavender tulips with rose pink snapdragons.

One of my favorite color combinations ...




Every year I plant hundreds of 'Best Red' tulips in my front planting beds. I use an Auger for faster and easier planting.


Lovely when mixed with white snapdragons.


Timeless mix of blue hyacinth and red tulips.


Lovely with conifers.


'Best Red' is a keeper in my spring garden.


The most beautiful tulip of all- 'Angelique'.



'Angelique' does very well in containers in my garden.


Tulip 'Angelique' with blue Starflower


Tulip 'Mt. Tacoma' and creeping jenny fill out this blue container.
'French Rose Blend'


Spring bulbs planted amongst my conifers.


Stonebridge view




Daffodils surrounding conifer 'Pendula Bruns'


Daffodils and Camellia 'Professor Sargent'


My son, Nicholas, among hundreds of daffodils in the woodland area of my garden.

 I know my days are numbered to enjoy the beauty of my bulbs, especially since due to very warm temperatures my Spring came earlier than usual this year!  I’ve more to look forward to though, I already see my roses swelling with buds …..



Bulbs planted: Tulips- Best Red, Mt Tacoma, Angelique, Strike Me Pink,French Rose Blend and Maureen. Daffodils- Ice Follies, Carlton and February Gold.

My tulips are pre-chilled (in the refrigerator) in October for 8-10 weeks and then planted in December.








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